Subway inventory, last day before vacay edition.

1 big man in purple scrubs (Barney)
3 matching leopard print zipper dresses (inside the box)
2 broken piñatas (swag)
4 shooting a rap video (ad lib)
1 “friend” (yeah, it’s mutual)
1 Ira Glass (turn around bright eyes)

I’m already gone….


Subway inventory, express train all-the-way edition.

4 v-necks revealing chest hair (reckless)
6 accessories in primary yellow (harmless)
2 exposed seams (break free)
3 shrieking gossipers (SOS)
1 cello wrapped skateboard deck (new ride)
15 herded summer camp day trippers (the limits of control)
1 intentional crotch shot (smile!)

Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

Subway inventory, near-summer slide edition.

2 pen cap chewers (attached)
4 heads of big humid hair (maintaining)
1 creeping Adam’s apple birthmark (smothered)
5 stay at home dads (never looked so good)
3 tweens speaking in code (abbrevs)
2 deeply engrossed in footwear analysis (anatomy of a sneaker)
1 wonder woman costume in full detail (just cuz)

Crush it, Tuesday.

Subway inventory, outer borough adventure edition.

8 pairs of glittery TOMS (besieged)
1 off-season knitter (hey, look at me!)
2 platform pliés (bunheads)
1 pair of Mondrian print pants (art fair fallout)
3 lost Swedes in conference (map trance)
6 gents with skateboards (amen)
1 rider totally prone (hurts so good)

Hi! Still listening?

Subway inventory, anniversary edition.

6 strollers (traffic control)
1 potted cherry tree (springtime to-go)
2 swapped recipes: hummus for curry (healthy hippy hipsters)
1 pregnant woman rocking fringe (RESPECT)
3 discussing heartache (close to tears)
1 reggae rendition of “empire state of mind” (now def in tears)

5(!) years today of riding trains, taking notes and loving NY. This place IS magic.

Subway inventory, wake up and go edition.

3 tangled head phone cords (comes with the territory)
2 discussing Utopia (half-baked)
1 velour Fila track suit with sweatband and gold chain (fully baked)
8 tattooed fingers (HOLD FAST)
2 eyeglass arms bound with electrical tape (yeah, MacGyver)
1 cross-track shouting match (boundaries)
4 floral dresses paired with studded boots (Dear Portland,the nineties are alive in Brooklyn too)

This is a gift. Pay attention.

Subway inventory, Wednesday winter wind down edition.

5 flip phones (too far gone)
2 pairs of studded jeggings (gone too far)
1 performance of ukulele reggae (bullseye)
2 striped socks with ankle boots (teen vogue)
1 enthusiastic nail clipper (no words)
4 layers: flannel, denim, fleece & fur (molting)
2 abandoned friendship bracelets (sucker punch)

Doing it on purpose, NY. Don’t look back.

Subway inventory, year-end mixed emotions edition.

2 sticks of corn on the cob (portable? breakfast?)
3 lollipop suckers (pensive,sulking)
1 male bindi (two eyes closed, one wide open)
2 nose ring changes (o lord, no. no no no no nooooo)
1 pair of super skinny jeans with full geisha make-up (next level)
5 ghetto queens in a slap fight (nails, weaves, & eyelashes for days. ladies, please)

Who’s keeping score anyway? Ring it in.

Subway inventory, pre-apocalypse edition.

2 abandoned scarves (par)
5 participants in a beard contest (woolly)
6 gold teeth (boom)
3 Japanese girls applying lip gloss (lacquered)
4 attempted platform pay-phone calls (nice one)
1 bitchin’ color-block coat (so kid n play)
1 sleeping santa (wake up man, this ain’t over yet)
3 blown kisses (morning, wink)

The end is near. Stay with me.

Subway inventory, wintery mix edition.

3 missed buttons (off-register)
1 pair of Batman earmuffs (holy snugly!)
4 deconstructing billboard conspirators (oh, art school)
7 cheerleaders in uniform (parade was last week, girls)
8 gold balloons (another world)
1 full burka worn with baby bjorn (complicated)

Hey, where’s the snow? I’m ready.